No° 61 Sweet Torturous


нello lαdyѕ ^^
wнαт do yoυ тнιɴĸ? ιѕ ιт тιмe ғor α ɴew roυɴd oғ вooвιeѕ ѕнow?
ι тнιɴĸ yeѕ ғor ѕυre αɴd тнe ɢreαтeѕт oɴ тнιѕ roυɴd ιѕ, ιт ιѕ α вιrтнdαy roυɴd вecαυѕe тнe вooвιeѕ ѕнow вecoмeѕ α yeαr ɴow.

ѕo нαppy вιrтнdαy вooвιeѕ ѕнow αɴd we wιѕн yoυ мαɴy мore yeαrѕ.
тнαɴĸѕ тo αll тнe ɢreαт deѕιɢɴerѕ тнαт нαve pαrтιcιpαтed тнe lαѕт yeαr αɴd тнαɴĸѕ тo тнe мαɴαɢerѕ тнαт yoυ вroυɢнт υѕ ѕυcн α ɢreαт eveɴт ғor oυr вeloved вooвιeѕ. :* ɢo oɴ wιтн yoυr ғαвυloυѕ worĸ we love ιт!

ѕo тнe ɴeхт roυɴd ѕтαrтѕ тoмorrow oɴ 28тн oғ ѕepтeмвer, вυт ι нαve α lιттle prevιew ғor yoυ тodαy 😉 Weiterlesen

No° 33 – In the dark

ditdblHello Peeps, today i’ve not much news for you, but i must show you this stunning dress from Egoisme. I’m totally in love with it because it is in gold *~*
Yep i’m a bit goldy at the moment just like the look of gold if i could i would wear a skin of gold *laugh*
Take a look for news and that stunning dress *~*

No 343 ~ Home made Angel

homemade angel1Today we feel like little angels so perfect that RO came out with this stunning halos *~*  more news inside, so have a look 😉