No° 57 Candy Soldier

Candy-SoldiersmlHello Peeps ^^
Just me at a real late time but i was so busy today that i had no chance to finish this post earlier, but i want to finish it so i do it right now in the middle of the night and i bring you some news from The Bishes Inc. a new Skin and news from the Perfect Wardrobe, so take a look inside for the credits 😉

No° 55 – About new Silicone and my lovely Booty


нello lαdyѕ ^^,
α ɴew ѕιlιcoɴe roυɴd нαѕ ѕтαrтed yeѕтerdαy αɴd тнere ιѕ ɢreαт ѕтυғғ αɢαιɴ ѕo rυɴ over αɴd ɢrαв тнe нoт cloтн.
αɴd ι нαve ѕoмe ɴewѕ ɴewѕ ɴewѕ ғor yoυr ѕeхy вooтy 😉
ѕo тαĸe α looĸ αɴd нαppy ѕнoppιɴɢ Weiterlesen