No° 79 Last day to get candyfied

Candy-Fair-Ends1Hello Peeps ^^
The Candy Fair ends tomorrow October 18th at midnight slt so this is your last chance to get there , visit the three overwhelming Candy Fair Sims and grab as much candy as you can carry.
So this is my last post for this candy fair and i want to thank all the great designer, the candyfair managers and all other bloggers for the great time, cuz i had so much fun, not only at the fair, also on blogging and seriously i had the most fun in the group. Everybody there was so talkative and nice that i’m more than happy that i got the chance to be a part of this crew.

Thank to really everybody :* So here are my last candy credits!

No° 70 – Feels like i’m home

Feels like homesml

ɢood eveɴιɴɢ peepѕ …
ѕo ғor мe ιт ιѕ eveɴιɴɢ 10 o’clocĸ ɴow αɴd тнιѕ wιll вe α preттy loɴɢe poѕт wιтн мυcн ѕтυғғ ғor yoυ cυz ι вloɢ αɢαιɴ αll тнe тнιɴɢѕ yoυ cαɴ ѕee нere, ѕoмe dαyѕ αɢo ι ѕαw тнoѕe preттy lιттle нoυѕeѕ ғroм ~αlcнeмy~ ғor тнe we <З rp αɴd ι ғell ιɴ love wιтн тнeм.
ғιɴαly ι coυld ɴoт reѕιѕт αɴd вoυɢнт ιт тodαy αɴd wнαт ѕнoυld ι ѕαy тнe dιɴιɴɢ rooм ғroм prιмe ғor тнe cαɴdy ғαιr ғιтѕ perғecтly ιɴ ιт .*o*

αlѕo ι нαve α cυтe ғιтιɴɢ oυтғιт ғor тнιѕ poѕт wιтн ιтeмѕ ғroм тнe cαɴdy ғαιr αɴd ғroм тнe αcιd lιlly ɢαllery <З. ѕo тαĸe α looĸ ιɴѕιde. :* Weiterlesen

No° 67 – Such an OmNom living

нello мy deαrѕ ^^
ɴeхт dαy мυcн мore cαɴdyѕ…
тнe cαɴdy ғαιr ιѕ jυѕт overwнelмιɴɢ ѕo мυcн cυтe αɴd delιcoυѕ тнιɴɢѕ *~*
ι eveɴ cαɴ’т ɢeт eɴoɢн
вewαre! тнere ιѕ αɴ oυтғιт ιɴѕιde тoo 😉

нoυѕe – l2 мιɴι ѕнorelιɴe
cυrтαιɴѕ – ғαɴαтιĸ cυrтαιɴ З ɢrαd ɴo ѕoυɴd
rυɢ – oυт oғ [ɴoвle] ѕweeт dreαмѕ ѕoғα ѕeт – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
ѕoғα – 22769 ~ [вαυwerĸ] leαтнer coυcн pιɴĸ cαɴdy – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
тαвle – 22769 ~ [вαυwerĸ] cнocolαтe ѕιdeтαвle – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
ѕтυғғιe leғт –{мαɴɢo cнeeĸѕ} oмɴoм тαĸo: ɴeαpolαтιɴ ιce creαм coɴe rαre – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr1
ѕтυғғιe вeнιɴd тнe ѕoғα – {мαɴɢo cнeeĸѕ} oмɴoм тαĸo: ѕтrαwвerry – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr1
lαмp – вαzαr – тororɴтo-ғloor lαмp вedrooм
wαlнαɴɢιɴɢ leғт – [][] вѕ [][] – cнocolαтe вoαrd ѕιɢɴ – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
wαllнαɴɢιɴɢ rιɢнт – 22769 ~ [вαυwerĸ] cαɴdy ѕιɢɴ red – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
doɴυт pυғғѕ – 22769 ~ [вαυwerĸ] doɴυт poυғ мιɴт – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
cαɴdle – yαѕ – cαɴdy corɴ cαɴdle red/wнιтe – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
pιllowѕ oɴ тнe ѕoғα – [rαѕѕαѕy ғoodѕ] cαɴdyнeαrт ѕтυғғιe „love yoυ“ (weαr) & cαɴdy corɴ ѕтυғғιe (weαr) – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2OmNom-Live-detailssml

ѕнαpe – мy owɴ ^,^
eαrѕ – *~*ιllυѕιoɴѕ*~* ѕeelιe eαrѕ
нαɴdѕ – ѕlιɴĸ αveɴнαɴce нαɴdѕ ғeмαle pαcĸ З

ѕĸιɴ – .::wow ѕĸιɴѕ::. doɴɴα мιlĸ З – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 3
eyeѕ – {deαd αppleѕ} ѕorrow eyeѕ – ɢroυpɢιғт! – ɴew
eyelαѕнeѕ – мɢ – eyelαѕнeѕ – wιld ғυll тнιcĸ – вlαcĸ
нαιr – [^.^αyαѕнι^.^] вυɴɴy нαιr-ғαтpαcĸ ѕeт (rιɢɢed мeѕн)

тop – .*cнαrм*. cαɴdylαɴe ѕнιrт – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 3
pαɴтѕ – ĸαтнααrιαɴ – ĸαwαιι вoyѕнorтѕ – αdorαвle cυpcαĸe – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 3
ѕocĸѕ – {popтαrт} вeαr тιɢнтѕ (вυввleɢυм) – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr1
ѕнoeѕ – {popтαrт} ѕυɢαr ѕтrαp ѕɴeαĸerѕ (вυввleɢυм) – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr1

нeαdвαɴd – :z.ѕ: ғrυιтy вeαrѕ нeαdвαɴd coттoɴ cαɴdy ѕυɢαr – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 3
вrαceleт – !ғαppy ɢeαr. cαɴdy вrαceleтѕ =rαιɴвow rαre – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 3
ɴecĸlαce – yαѕ – cυтe вυɴɴy ɴecĸlαce pιɴĸ – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 2
cαɴdy мoυтн – *:* precιoυѕ*:* cнocoмo (cнocolαтe вαrѕ ɢαcнα) – ɴew @ cαɴdy ғαιr 3
ɴαιlѕ –.мιeɴ. cαɴdy ѕтrιpeѕ ɴαιlѕ – ѕlιɴĸ αpplιerѕ – ɴew @  cαɴdy ғαιr1
rιɴɢѕ – :: αхιх :: ѕweeтιeѕ rιɴɢѕ cαɴdy ғαιr (ғree) – ɴew @  cαɴdy ғαιr1

poѕeѕ – .мιeɴ.{ѕweeт тнoυɢнтѕ} – ɴew @  cαɴdy ғαιr1

тyѕм тo αll тнe deѕιɢɴerѕ yoυ αll dιd ѕυcн α ɢreαт joв *~*