No°53 Time to get undressed

time to undresssml

нello ѕeхy lαdιeѕ
ιт’ѕ тιмe тo ɢeт υɴdreѕѕed αɴd ɢo тo вed, вυт вeғore тнαт yoυ ѕнoυld нαve α looĸ αт тнe ɴew ѕeхy lιɴɢerιeѕ ғroм rυɴαwαy, вecαυѕe тнey cαмe υp wιтн everyтнιɴɢ yoυ ɴeed, ѕo rυɴ αт тнe ѕтore αɴd ɢrαв yoυr ѕeхy pαɴтιeѕ αɴd вrαѕ, тнαт αlѕo coυld вe worɴ wιтн lolαѕ αɴd тнe ɴew lυcĸ ιɴc pнαт αzz. 😉

RunAway Lingeriesml

ѕнαpe – мy owɴ ^,^
вooвѕ – lolαѕ ::: тαɴɢo ::: мeѕн вreαѕтѕ
lower вody – *l.ιɴc* pнαт αzz – ɴew
ғeeт – [ɢoѕ] вoυтιqυe – вαreғeeт – ғlαт
ѕĸιɴ – deeтαlez ѕĸιɴ delιcιoυѕ нolly ɴo.5 ɴαтυrαl ɢloѕѕy вrowɴ cαrα
(αpplιer ғor lolα тαɴɢoѕ & pнαт αzz ѕold ѕeperαтly!!!)ɴew
eyeѕ – {d.α} ѕнαттered – ιɴғecтed
eyelαѕнeѕ – мɢ – eyelαѕнeѕ – wιld ғυll тнιcĸ – вlαcĸ
нαιr – – мeмe – dαrĸ redѕ – ɴew
ɴαιlѕ – [мαɴdαlα] ɴαιl pαleттe 1 мedιυм]
pιercιɴɢѕ – :нv: αpoѕтαтe [ғroѕт]
lιɴɢerιe – [rα] lιɴɢerιe ѕeт – pαттerɴ (lolαѕ + pнαт αzz αpplιer) – ɴew
ѕlιpperѕ – !вlαн. (мy pιɢɢly ѕlιpperѕ) ɴυde ɴew @ мeѕ вrιcѕ α вrαcѕ


No° 20 take it easy


jυѕт αɴoтнer reαl нoт dαy oɴ тнe coαѕт, ѕo ι нeαded oғғ αғтer ѕнoppιɴɢ αɴd wαιт ғor α wαrм ѕυммer вreeze тнαт wιll coмe ғroм тнe ѕeα.
lαdyѕ ι jυѕт coυld ѕαy нoт ɴewѕ ғroм тнe rαzzle dαzzel roυɴd oғ colαвor88 мαĸeѕ тнιѕ ѕυммer мυcн нoттer. 😉
тαĸe α looĸ ιɴѕιde αɴd ĸeep oɴ ѕнoppιɴɢ lαdyѕ. :*


No 343 ~ Home made Angel

homemade angel1Today we feel like little angels so perfect that RO came out with this stunning halos *~*  more news inside, so have a look 😉