No° 96 – Chouchou – The Bebel

ChouchouHello Peeps ^^
so today i will show you bad queen version which is inspired by this stunning crown made for the enchantment event and the film snow white and the huntsman.
I will combine this with showing you a place which is real worth to be visited.
It is called Chouchou XVI – The Bebel…. Weiterlesen

No°84 Fairytale gone bad

fgbHello Peeps ^,^
me again with some news.
So today i have to tell you about the Sale that is going on at (red)Mint yes you read right (red)Mint is doing a sale and all cloth and accessoirs are marked up to -75%!!
So hurry over there and grab some of the beautifull accessoires, cloth and shoes you can get there. The sale will go on from 22th of October till 05th of November.


Shape – My Own ^,^
Ears – *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears
mouth – ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth – Gold
Boobs – Lolas ::: Tango ::: Updated
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Pack 3
Wings – *COCO*_Doll_InsectWings

Skin – -Glam Affair – Candy – Horror edition (all Appliers incl.)03 NEW
Lipgloss – {Dead Apples} Balm Stain – Natural – Light NEW @ Cosmetic Fair
Eyes – {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Poseidon NEW
Eyelashes – MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – black
Hair – [LeLutka]-ALVINA hair/Naturals

Top – ** Little Bonbon Sheer Ripped @ TBS
Pants – Spirit Store – Krola pants [BLACK]
Shoes – (r)M~Shoe „Riven Boot“~No.03 (Mesh) > WEAR ME

Collar – (r)M~Posture Collar > No.07 > WEAR ME
Necklace – Cute Poison – Horror Necklace RED (skull) NEW @ Horrorfest tysm :*
Headband – Cute Poison – Lament Headwear – Light NEW @ Body modification tysm :*
Piercing Cute Poison – Anathema Piercings tysm :*
Ring – [tea.s] Sneaky Fox Ring – Onyx – NEW
Bracelets – (r)M ~ Bangles w/ Ring & Nails (Silver)
Belt – <TheAbyss> FM_NAU_Combat_Belt
Nailpolish – ~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails Appliers – Fashionable Black
Tattoos – Letis Tattoo :: Hannya :: MM13021 :: (all Appliers incl.) NEW @ Perfect Wardrobe


No° 83 – Perfect Halloween Wardrobe


Hello Peeps ^^
the new round of Perfect Wardrobe started yesterday and has a new owner Toxxic Rhiannyr from AlterEgo and i have to say she made a real good job in saving this Event.
So the Perfect Wardrobe has a new home and a bunch of new designers doing stuff for the Event.
The last time i visited the perfect wardrobe before this change, i was a bit disappointed cuz i saw that over 50% of the salesboards where empty and it looks like the event was going under beneath all the new event. The perfecte wardrobe was the first sales event in sl that i visited and i really love the idea of themed events and so i’m very happy to see it’s new look and glamour.

Tysm for saving this event! :* Weiterlesen

No° 64 – Army, sports and fairgrounds


нello peppѕ ^^
jυѕт мe wιтн ѕoмe cυтe αɴd αwѕoмe ɴewѕ.
тodαy ι ғιɴαlly weɴт oυт тo ɢeт тнe ɴew тѕɢ ѕĸιɴ lυɴα, yoυ ѕee тнe ɴeхт oɴe ғroм тѕɢ wнιcн ι cαɴ’т reѕιѕт *ѕιɢнѕ*
every тιмe wнeɴ ѕнe cαмe oυт wιтн α ɴew ѕĸιɴ ι нαve тo pυɴιѕн мyѕelғ or elѕe ι wιll ɢeт тoтαlly ιɴѕαɴe αɴd вυy тнe ғαтpαcĸѕ eveɴ ιғ ι ɴever ever υѕe тнe dαrĸeѕт тoɴeѕ вecαυѕe ι’м ɴoт αddιcтed тo dαrĸer ѕĸιɴѕ… ι jυѕт wαɴт тo нαve тнeм αll *~*
αғтer ι ɢoт нer ι wαѕ тнιɴĸιɴɢ αвoυт wнαт ι cαɴ weαr тo ѕнow yoυ мy ɴew cυтιe ғαce wнeɴ ι ɢoт α ɴew мeѕѕαɢe ғroм rυɴαwαy тнαт тнey нαve ɴew ѕporтy ѕocĸѕ ғor тнe pнαт αzz …αɴd ι нαve тo ѕαy ι reαlly love ѕтocĸιɴɢѕ αɴd ѕocĸѕ…doɴ’т ĸɴow wнy вυт мoѕтly wнeɴ ι нαve тнe ғeelιɴɢ тнαт ѕoмeтнιɴɢ ιѕ мιѕѕιɴɢ oɴ αɴ oυтғιт ι’ve ɴo ѕтocĸιɴɢѕ or тιɢнтѕ oɴ 😮
ѕo lαdyѕ ĸeep oɴ ѕнoppιɴɢ αɴd нαve α looĸ αт мy credιтѕ тнe ѕocĸѕ αɴd ѕĸιɴ αre ɴoт тнe oɴly ɴewѕ ғor тodαy 😉

army sports sml

ѕнαpe – мy owɴ ^,^
eαrѕ – *~*ιllυѕιoɴѕ*~* ѕprιтe eαrѕ
вooвѕ – lolαѕ ::: тαɴɢo ::: мeѕн вreαѕтѕ
lower вody – *l.ιɴc* pнαт αzz
нαɴdѕ – ѕlιɴĸ αveɴнαɴce нαɴdѕ ғeмαle pαcĸ З

ѕĸιɴ –  .тѕɢ. lυɴα в тoɴe – ɴew
(αpplιer ғor lolα тαɴɢoѕ, ѕlιɴĸ нαɴdѕ& ғeeтѕ & pнαт αzz(ɴew) ѕold ѕeperαтly!!!)
вlυѕн – {d.α.} αɴιмe вlυѕн
eyeѕ – {d.α} ɴeвυlα ѕoυlleѕѕ
eyelαѕнeѕ – мɢ – eyelαѕнeѕ – wιld ғυll тнιcĸ – вlαcĸ
нαιr – мαɢιĸα cυrιoυѕ

veѕт – [ɢeeĸ.] zoмвιe ѕυrvιvαl jαcĸeт -вlαcĸpleαтнer- pαĸ – ɴew @ твѕ вdαy
elвowwαrмer – [нαтe тнιѕ] pαcĸ elвow ѕocĸѕ – вlαcĸ
dreѕѕ – вιѕнeѕ ιɴc. ~ ѕнeerɴeѕѕ dreѕѕ αrмy- ɴew @ твѕ вdαy тyѕм :*
ѕтocĸιɴɢѕ –  [rα] overĸɴee ѕocĸѕ (pнαт αzz αpplιer) – ɴew
ѕнoeѕ – lυcιeɴ.мαrcelo // вlαcĸ rαмoɴeѕ вooтѕ 1’ѕ

нαт – [ѕιѕυ] pιloтĸα (вoх)
collαr – вlαн. ( мy doɢмα cнoĸer ) вlαcĸ & pιɴĸ
wαтcн – -υтopιαн- loѕт ɴυмвerѕ wαтcн & вrαceleтѕ ɢold
pιercιɴɢѕ – .peĸĸα. crαм υɴιѕeх pιercιɴɢ ɢold
тαттoo – leтιѕ тαттoo :: ιllυмιɴαтι :: мм1З019 :: – ɴew

poѕeѕ – вez!ɴew

No° 61 Sweet Torturous


нello lαdyѕ ^^
wнαт do yoυ тнιɴĸ? ιѕ ιт тιмe ғor α ɴew roυɴd oғ вooвιeѕ ѕнow?
ι тнιɴĸ yeѕ ғor ѕυre αɴd тнe ɢreαтeѕт oɴ тнιѕ roυɴd ιѕ, ιт ιѕ α вιrтнdαy roυɴd вecαυѕe тнe вooвιeѕ ѕнow вecoмeѕ α yeαr ɴow.

ѕo нαppy вιrтнdαy вooвιeѕ ѕнow αɴd we wιѕн yoυ мαɴy мore yeαrѕ.
тнαɴĸѕ тo αll тнe ɢreαт deѕιɢɴerѕ тнαт нαve pαrтιcιpαтed тнe lαѕт yeαr αɴd тнαɴĸѕ тo тнe мαɴαɢerѕ тнαт yoυ вroυɢнт υѕ ѕυcн α ɢreαт eveɴт ғor oυr вeloved вooвιeѕ. :* ɢo oɴ wιтн yoυr ғαвυloυѕ worĸ we love ιт!

ѕo тнe ɴeхт roυɴd ѕтαrтѕ тoмorrow oɴ 28тн oғ ѕepтeмвer, вυт ι нαve α lιттle prevιew ғor yoυ тodαy 😉 Weiterlesen