No° 79 Last day to get candyfied

Candy-Fair-Ends1Hello Peeps ^^
The Candy Fair ends tomorrow October 18th at midnight slt so this is your last chance to get there , visit the three overwhelming Candy Fair Sims and grab as much candy as you can carry.
So this is my last post for this candy fair and i want to thank all the great designer, the candyfair managers and all other bloggers for the great time, cuz i had so much fun, not only at the fair, also on blogging and seriously i had the most fun in the group. Everybody there was so talkative and nice that i’m more than happy that i got the chance to be a part of this crew.

Thank to really everybody :* So here are my last candy credits!

No° 22 i have to leave


нere ɴow α lιттle тrιвυт тo αɴιмeѕ αɴd ɢood old вeαт’eм υp ɢαмeѕ. ^^
ι love αɴιмeѕ ѕιɴce ι wαѕ yoυɴɢer αɴd αlѕo ι loved тo plαy ѕυper ɴeѕ wнy тнιѕ poѕт ιѕ ĸιɴd oғ ιɴғlυeɴced вy cнυɴ lι ғroм ѕтreeт ғιɢнтer. ι αlwαyѕ eɴjoyed plαyιɴɢ тнιѕ wιтн мy ғrιeɴd or wαтcн αɴιмeѕ wιтн тнeм ιɴ мy eαrlιer dαyѕ. ^^

ѕo нere we ɢo. нope yoυ lιĸe ^^ нαppy ѕнoppιɴɢ :*

click here for the credits and details 😉