No° 29 – Facts about mesh technologies and some news ;)

Hello my dears, so here we go, like i’ve promised i will tell you a bit more about liquid mesh, molten mesh and collision bone deforming.
MeshesFirst of all i have to say sorry that i’ve named bax coens boots liquid mesh this ist the name only RedGrave is allowed to use so for Bax Coen it is collision bone deforming, and Egoisme came up with molten mesh.In order to this, i will give you all official facts about these 3 here, and a little plus, because i had the luck, that Ramses Meredith (CEO of Egosime) was so kind and told me a bit about molten mesh and why all the three creators have their own way of building mesh that fits with your bodyfat an muscles .
In Order to this, i will post a picture of every item and name what there is said about it from their creators credits will be given at the bottom so if your not interessted in mesh just in my style infos just scroll down 😉 Weiterlesen