No° 168 – I don’t want to take my shoes off

i-don't-want-to-take-my-heels-offOhai dollies,
this morning i feel a bit slouchy but i don’t want to take my new heels from cute poison off. xD
So uhm…yes i’m still wearing them, okay in fact this is the second version she released for the Whore Couture, this version has a row of little studs on the heel.
I combined them with a release from babydoll for the Big Show, the new released short from Lil’Lace and slouchy socks and a slouchy cardigan.
Happy shopping
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No° 60 – An allday cutie *~*

нello peepѕ^^
тodαy ι нαve тo ѕнow yoυ αɴ αlldαy cυтιe oυтғιт нow ι woυld cαll ιт.
ѕo ɴewѕ ɴewѕ ɴewѕ αll over мe, вυт ғιrѕт oғ αll ι wαɴт тo welcoмe мy ɴew ѕpoɴѕor eмporιυм :* тнe ѕнorтѕ ι’м weαrιɴɢ ғroм нer αɴd ι тнιɴĸ ѕнe reαlly мαĸeѕ αwѕoмe ѕтυғғ тнαт αlѕo coυld вe worɴ wιтнoυт pнαтαzz αɴd lolαѕ αɴd ι wιll ѕнow yoυ мore ғroм нer тнe ɴeхт dαy 😉Allday Cutiesml

ѕo ɢo oɴ ғor тнe credιтѕ

No 26° AndrogyMe Challenge

Hello my dears, so today i start with a challenge that was real fun for me because i even didn’t notice that i have so much stuff in my inventory that i can use for it. In fact, the only thing i bought for these outfits were the hairs because i don’t want to use the ones i had already in my inventory!!! ChillingJust found this challenge at strawberrys blog, but she just take part of it like i will do now.
So this challenge is about androgy cloth for females, Rors the one that initatited this challenge has called it out because she wants to find more stuff that suits this fembois/gender neutral style.

So here i am with my fembois styles i hope you like, even if there isn’t something new for you girls. After re- reading her post i think my second style wouldn’t suit 100% for what she is looking, but i will show it to you anyway

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No 251 ~ DeeTaleZ Girls

Deetailz3Hey hey…see the beautiful DeeTaleZ Girls…with Diesel Works Poses

Deetailz2A Night – two new Girls

Deetailz1Tell me a Secret – my best Friend

Deetailz4Love ya my Sweetness

Deetailz6 Click here for more Details