No 26° AndrogyMe Challenge

Hello my dears, so today i start with a challenge that was real fun for me because i even didn’t notice that i have so much stuff in my inventory that i can use for it. In fact, the only thing i bought for these outfits were the hairs because i don’t want to use the ones i had already in my inventory!!! ChillingJust found this challenge at strawberrys blog, but she just take part of it like i will do now.
So this challenge is about androgy cloth for females, Rors the one that initatited this challenge has called it out because she wants to find more stuff that suits this fembois/gender neutral style.

So here i am with my fembois styles i hope you like, even if there isn’t something new for you girls. After re- reading her post i think my second style wouldn’t suit 100% for what she is looking, but i will show it to you anyway

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No° 25 – Over the bridge..

нello мy deαrѕ, тodαy ι’м α вιт lαтe, вυυυυт ι нαve ѕoмe ɴewѕ ғor yoυ …wнo woɴderѕ?! *ɢιɢɢleѕ*over the bridge

тнe вeѕт ɴewѕ ғor мe oɴ тнιѕ dαy ιѕ…
тαdαααααα ι нαve мy ғιrѕт oғғιcαl ѕpoɴѕor rυɴαwαy, αɴd тнαт ιѕ αlѕo oɴe oғ тнe ɴewѕ ғor yoυ ιɴ тнιѕ poѕт, вecαυѕe мy ғιrѕт ιтeм ι вloɢ ғor нer αre тнoѕe cυтe нαιrѕ ѕнe jυѕт releαѕed.
тнere αre 6 pαcĸѕ αvαιlαвle αɴd every pαcĸ coɴтαιɴѕ 4 dιғғereɴт  colorѕнαdeѕ:
– вlαcĸ&wнιтe,
– вloɴdѕ,
– вrowɴ,
– red,
– αɴ eѕѕeɴтιαl pαcĸ wнιcн ιɴclυdeѕ oɴe color oυт oғ every pαcĸ
αɴd α ғαтpαcĸ .
ѕo lαdyѕ вυт eɴoυɢн wordѕ αвoυт тнe вeαυтιғυl нαιrѕ jυѕт нαve α looĸ ғor yoυr owɴ oɴ тнeм.

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No 343 ~ Home made Angel

homemade angel1Today we feel like little angels so perfect that RO came out with this stunning halos *~*  more news inside, so have a look 😉