No° 143 On my way to granny

onmywaytogrannyHello Dollies,
me again with some upcoming news for you. 😉
I got this super cute hood from ayashi, for the next round of Enchantment which starts on 1st of February and was thinking about doing a little red riding hood post for you when i thought about …how would she look when that tale takes place in our time?
So here is my grungy red riding hood style for you.
Happy shopping
Kisses :* Ask
take this way to get the credits 😉

No° 139 Torn


Hello Dollies ^^
me again after a lazy weekend i’m back here for you with a new style and some news.
Truth released two new Hairs and this is one of them called Esperanza. ^^
My new fully pierced Mouth is Hush from Cute Poison for the Project Limited that started on 17th. ^^
She made 3 versions of this (black, silver and neon) so get over there and get one before they are sold out. 😉
My pink torn tights are the latest release from RunAway and i adore them cuz like you can see they are so much torn, that you can easly combine them with one or two other tights. I really like this torn layer style.
So Happy shopping lady
kisses Ask :*

become colorful and torn this way 😉

No° 83 – Perfect Halloween Wardrobe


Hello Peeps ^^
the new round of Perfect Wardrobe started yesterday and has a new owner Toxxic Rhiannyr from AlterEgo and i have to say she made a real good job in saving this Event.
So the Perfect Wardrobe has a new home and a bunch of new designers doing stuff for the Event.
The last time i visited the perfect wardrobe before this change, i was a bit disappointed cuz i saw that over 50% of the salesboards where empty and it looks like the event was going under beneath all the new event. The perfecte wardrobe was the first sales event in sl that i visited and i really love the idea of themed events and so i’m very happy to see it’s new look and glamour.

Tysm for saving this event! :* Weiterlesen

No° 62 – You can call me Sharon…baby :*

call me sharonsml

нello мy deαrѕ ^^
тιмe ғor ѕoмe ɴewѕ ғroм мe.
ғιrѕт oғ αll ι wιll ѕнow yoυ тнe ɴew color нυd ғor тнe ѕнαroɴ ѕнoeѕ ғroм нyperιoɴ creαтιoɴѕ.
lιĸe yoυ ĸɴow wнeɴ yoυ нαve тнe ѕнoeѕ, ɢαelle υpdαтeѕ нer ѕнoeѕ αɴd yoυ ɢoт ѕoмe ɴew тeхтυreѕ wιтн тнe lαѕт υpdαтe.
ғor тнιѕ тιмe, ѕнe creαтeѕ α coмpleтe ɴew нυd wιтн тrαɴѕpαтereɴт тeхтυreѕ ғor тнe ѕнαroɴѕ wнιcн yoυ cαɴ pυrcнαѕe ғor αɴ αмoυт oғ oɴly З50 lιɴdeɴ, ѕo ɢo oɴ αɴd ɢeт ιт.
ιт’ѕ worтн every peɴɴy 😉 Weiterlesen