Hello Peeps ^^,
Mel started this blog over a year ago on her own and gave much hard work and love to it, because Ask and Mel are always sisters in crime and both were fashion victims, Ask started to blog while Mel was on holiday.
After Mels holidays, they decided that it would be great if Ask goes on with blogging and so she did that’s why we decided to change to
„All about our wardrobe“

So we welcome you to an new era of this blog!

This side will informs and shows the news and hottest stuff we can see and find in SL – We hope you all enjoy the 2.world!! We do all our pictures ourself and overwork them only a bit bye hand, cause we love to make pictures in RL and in SL!

Designers in SL – We are always interested in good work, you have great stuff and like what we are doing here?! Give us your reviews and we promise to do our best to show your stuff in the nicest way!  Just contact us if you would like to see your stuff combined in our style. 

Thanks for reading and following our blog!                   

Have fun and enjoy

Mel (Melbees Resident) and Ask (AskoriaNarr Resident)

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