No° 36 – Chimera Bish on the run


нello peepѕ ^,^ тodαy ι нαve αɢαιɴ ѕoмe ɴewѕ ғroмe тнe вooвιeѕ ѕнow, ѕoмe pαrтѕ ι reαlly love αɴd α ɴew ѕpoɴѕor \o/ yαy тyѕм αт тнe вιѕнeѕ ιɴc.
ѕo нere we ɢo *ĸιѕѕeѕ*

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No° 35 – Sassy in black and white

Hello Peeps, here i am with a sassy news from the new round of the boobies show for you. 😉
sassyblwblAlso i have to name my cool hairs from RunAway and my skin from Deetalez again, i’m just in love with this look, and i found a creator, that makes beautiful tattoos with lola appliers, but now enough from me.  take a look for your own

No° 27 When liquid meets molten

Hello my dears, today i have again some news for you.
Bax Coen just released the first liquid mesh boots ❤ and i have to show you the new molten mesh dress from Egoisme.liquid&molten1After i bought both i just asked me what is the difference between molten and liquid mesh?
So i asked around in some groups in SL and mostly all have the same meaning that it’s the same just under anothe name…
Think i will ask Ramses Meredith when i see him on if there is a difference and will tell you then later if there is one or not. 😉
So stunning shoes, stunning dress and frist thing i did when i wear both go to edit my shape trying how much this is worth and i have to say it’s really nice.
Both came up with an extra size for xl because if you slide some things on ur shape up it will even break through molten and liquid. Only thing which won’t change anything on the dress where the sliders for the boobs if you increase the size or something else it won’t change anything on the dress o.O don’t know why but thats it!
All in all i’m very happy with both the dress and the shoes, but just have a look at your own like always 😉

kisses :*

No° 23 About stunning shoes, a small meme and some news

тodαy мy poѕт ιѕ α вιт loɴɢer, ι’ve decιded тo мαĸe α lιттle мeмe тнαт ѕтrαwвerry ѕιɴɢн ѕтαrтed.
ι нαve тo ѕαy ι lιĸe тнαт ѕнe αlwαyѕ ѕтαrтѕ ɴew мeмeѕ wιтн ιɴғorмαтιoɴѕ αвoυт ѕl тнιɴɢѕ ι тнιɴĸ ιт ιѕ jυѕт α lovley wαy тo ɢιve yoυ α ѕнorт vιew oɴ ѕмαll pαrтѕ oғ α вloɢɢerѕ ѕl. ^^meme

вυт вeғor тнαт, ι jυѕт нαve тo ѕнow yoυ мy ѕтυɴɴιɴɢ ɴew ѕнoeѕ.
ѕιмιlαr jυѕт releαѕed тнeм тнιѕ weeĸ αɴd ι’ve wαιтed ғor тнe releαѕe вecαυѕe ι’ve ѕeeɴ тнe ѕɴeαĸ oɴ тнeιr вloɢ υɴd jυѕт тнoυɢ ɢoѕн ι нαve тo тry тнeѕe.
ѕo ι weɴт тo ѕιмιlαr αɴd тrιed тнeм oɴ αɴd ιт oɴly тαĸeѕ мe ѕoмe ѕecoɴdeѕ тo decιde ι нαve тo вυy тнeм.
тнey αre α reαl мυѕт нαve wιтн α loт oғ opтιoɴѕ lιĸe yoυ cαɴ ѕee dowɴ тнere.