I’m leaving.. come and visit me at the 9tailed fox

Ohai all ^^

first of all i have to say i’ve enjoyed my time blogging together with mel on this blog, but when she told me that she will stop blogging i decided that it is time to grow out of this shoes and get my own blog.

I’ve transfered all my old blogpost to my new blog and from now on you will find me on my own blog.
Visit me at the 9tailed Fox
So if you want to see my newest blogpost, just come over there and follow me to get all my hot news.


(here a little sneak peak at my newst post over there)
Kisses and many thanks for all your love and i hope that you will follow my new blog too.
A big thanks goes to Mel, i’m not sure if you will read this, cause you’ve quitted SL completly, but hun you know i’m always there for you.

Ask :*

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