No° 195 – Fashion Punk


Ohai Dollies ^^
today i was a bit lazy again after spending a beautiful day with my son.
So i decided to make this a quick post, but i still have to tell you something about my look for today.

I will name my new boobs from violet studio first. Those once are fitted mesh boobs so you need to have the newest viewer version from firestorm or the standart Linden Labs Viewer to see them right.
When you purchase them, you will get 3 version. I’ve been wearing the natural cleavage version cause i like its look most.
Don’t panic you don’t need to seach for special applier for the boobs cause you can use all your Lola applier expecting the nipple applier those won’t work for now on the boobs.
Also you only can wear one layer at a time for now as far as i’ve seen, but the good point on this boobs is, you an adjust the cloth layer via hud to the postion you like most. I really like this option cause i often have the feeling that some tops are not good alinged so i often go on the texture layer an fix their postion. Another good point for those boobs is you have no need of searching the perfect position for them cause they are rigged and always attach at the right place and you can resize and work a bit at their look over the bodysliders in the normal avatarappearance so no need of setting your boobs on zero to fit them ^^ I hadn’t changed anything on the size my bust is still at 50 i only adjusted the cleavage a bit. So you should really try those fitted mesh boobs i really think they could make your life in sl a bit easier. ^^

Next i want to tell you about is my clutch. This clutch is a new release from Elysium in each color it comes with a texture hud for the metal parts, so you can change the metal to gold, silver and bronze, also you will find both hold versions you can see in my pic in the purchase pack and mirror versions of both so you don’t need to attach the clutch to another hand if you want to wear it on another hand.

Last but not least i want to tell you about are those cute shoes i got at Kustom9 form TSG… i really like the doll styled items she makes. Those shoes are for your slink flat feet and come with solid and wooden soles and even those cute little ankle wings are included ^,^

So i really think i’ve told you enough about the stuff i’m wearing.
Happy shopping ladys
Kisses Ask :*

Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Feet- Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
Boobs – Violet Studios vString Revo Natural (works with Lola Appliers excepting nipples!)

Skin – .tsg. Mei Mei A tone
Lips – .tsg. Angel Lipstick – Pink Ombre Loud Mouth
Eyebrows – [Buzz] Essentials – Katie Brows
Eyes – !CS!Real Berry
Eyeliner – -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Eyeshadow – MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow DarkHorse
Hair – adoness: anaxilea: naturally New @ The 100 Block
Hairbase – .:[Shapespear]:. Punk Etched (old gift! no longer available)
Nailpolish – –{ZOZ}– Peep Solid Polish (Slinks) – New @ The 100 Block

Jacket – BabyDoll. Hoodie Jacket / Sporty black
Top – Bishes Inc. ~ lolita Top – Pink New @ TBS
Pants – D-Style – Punky Pants w.HUD/Black – New @ The 100 Block
Shoes – .tsg. Ruffle Platforms – Pink – SLINK Flat – New @ Kustom9

Horns – – Pr!cK – Cage HorN { PinKy }- New @ The 100 Block
Piercings 1 – :HV: #shotsfired [Frost/Oil] – New @ The 100 Block
Piercings 2 – :HV: Smug [Frost/Oil] – New @ The 100 Block
Necklace – MG – Necklace – Zulaikha Lattice New @ C88
Clutch – Elysium – Coco clutchbag – orchid – New @ The 100 Block

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