No° 186 – Outer Senshi (Saturn star power make up!)

saturn star power make up!
Ohai Dollies ^^
only two days left until Cutie Moon will open the gates for everybody and i’m kind of freaking out cause of all those cute items for it *~*
Today i can’t stand to show you Violent Seductions Eternal Uniforms and i decided to go with saturn this time, cuz i love the outers. ❤
This Uniform is special cause it is fitted mesh so you need to have the newest Firestorm or SL Viewer to see it in the right way. 😉
My rod is one of the items tsg made for the cutie moon fair, my hairclip comes from cooties who made a bunch of cute hair accesoires for the fair and my eyes are from Umeboshi.
You can see, there are many well made and nice looking items on this fair for you.
Happy shopping
Kisses Ask :*

sailor saturnSpareparts:
Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth – DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

Skin + Lips – -Glam Affair – Romy skin – Base ( Artic ) + -Glam Affair – .LM. Appliers – Romy 4-1 @ Skin Fair
Eyes – [UMEBOSHI] Zen eyes -Unnaturals- soon @ Cutie Moon Fair
Hair – [RA] Nicki Hair – Fatpack New @ RAFF

Dress – Violent Seduction – Eternal Uniform (Saturn) soon @ Cutie Moon Fair !!!FITTED MESH!!!
Gloves – tapi :: latex gloves
Shoes – Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Purple

Hairclip – ~_*Cooties*_~ Moon Silver Clip soon @ Cutie Moon Fair
Collar – .Pekka. Ribbon Heart Collar – purple
Arm Cuffs – tapi :: leather cuffs
Ring – .tsg. PrismPower Ring – *SaturnxGold* 1 soon@ Cutie Moon Fair
Rod – .tsg. Spiral Heart Rod Violet * Magic* soon @ Cutie Moon Fair

Poses – !Blah. ( Magical Poses ) Fatpack

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