No° 181 – Let me play a song for you (My Music Meme)

Ohai Dollies
seems to be Meme Monday …but for my sadness i’ve made my pics already yesterday and they won’t fit with Strawberrys Meme of this week and after rolling over her challenge & meme category i realized she never made a music meme or i’m just blind. 😮
So i will make my own little meme and maybe there are some of you that would like to do it too so feel free to leave me a comment with a link to your post when you do my meme, i’m always curious about the taste of others. ^^

But before i start the meme i will talk a bit about my look for today, like i told you yesterday a new round of Suicide Dollz started right away and Nana came up with those super cute bowler hats with animal ears or horns so i put on the cat one, there are bear ears, a unicorn and a faun version too and you can choose between 3 colors. ^^
Pop Tart made so nice shiny leggins and nox made some new make up and facial tattoo additions for this round.
So you should really go there and see all the great stuff. ^^
Xanimations started overworking all her collars making mesh versions of them so if you already have on of the overworked you can get the updated mesh version for free. Also if you have a non scripted you can send her a pic with your collar and she will send you the updated too i really think that is customer sevice and all collars come with a bunch of  recoloring options. For today i wear the Nubia Mesh collar from Xanimations it fits perfect and really looks great.
That was what i want to tell you about my Outfit for today.
Now lets write a meme ^^

  1. What kind of music are you listening to in genral?
    Phew ….this one is quiet hard for me to answer cause i really love many music genres but i think the two i’m most addicted to are all about electronic music and rock/metal music …seems to be a wide range huh?
    In my youth there had been three persons that imprinted my taste of music. First for real was my mother she was all about rock music my whole life. The second was my big brother (r.i.p. i will never forget you <3) he was a huge fan of Manowar, Kizz, ACDC, Guns’n’Roses and Metallica so for sure this was my second influence and after that came on of my foster brothers (for real i never had a big family but i have many foster sisters and brother and i love them all <3) while he lived with us he was Jungle and D’n’B DJ what impressed me so much, that i fell in love with this kind of music.
  2. Which music instruments do you like the best?
    For me there are two for sure. I love violins and the piano cause i think those two are the instruments that could transport feelings the most if you exclude a singers voice. ^^
  3. Please name some musicians you adore or just name your favorit:
    This could become a long list, so let me see:
    – Queen, Guns’n’Roses, Slipknot, Birdy, Lana del Ray, DJ Aphrodite, DJ SS ( i love this song so much), Ratpack, Paramore, Pentatonix,  Daft Punk, Vanessa May, Lindsey Stirling, Nickey Blackmarket, Frida Gold, Jennifer Rostock, Avicii, DayMar, Art of Fighters, Stunnah, Imagine Dragons, Bloodhound Gang and many many more
  4. What is your favorit song?
    For this moment it is Ed Sheeran – I see fire xD
  5. Do you have a song/songs that reminds you on a special time of your life and what did you link with this song/songs?
    For sure but i will make this short cause i’ve decided, that i would tell you something cheerfull. ^^
    Queen – Under pressure cause it reminds me on a summer in my youth with my first big love, a bunch of friends and party hard for 3 weeks cause the parents of a friend went of for holidays. One night he came out of his bedroom slithered thru the whole living room only dressed in shorts and socks, turns on this song loud and starts dancing… I think i will nerver forget this one moment LMAO
  6. Is there a song that accompanies you for lifetime? When yes which one?
    Yes there is Uriah Heep -Lady in Black mother heard it in my childhood, i sang it during my time in schoolband and it is still part of my itunes playlist. ^^
  7. Name three songs you enjoy listening to in the last time:
    Ed Sheeran – I see fire
    Pharrell Williams – happy
    Frida Gold – Deine Liebe ( i need to name a german song cause i think we have great song writers and componists too xD)

Finally you get my credits ❤ thanks for your vist and reading all this
Happy shopping
Kisses Ask :*

Ears – [Gauze] [][]Trap[][] Short Ripped Ears Ice
Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth – ::TI:: Vampire Teeth @ Suicide Dollz
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1

Skin  – – Glam Affair – Romy (Artic) New @ Skin Fair
Eyebrows –   .tsg. Mini Brows – Black
Lipstick –   .tsg. Angel Lipstick Pink Ombre Loud Mouth Applier
Rose facepaint – [RA] Over the World Face Paint tintable
black facepaint – Nox. Others Tattoo [Black] New @ Suicide Dollz
Eyes – !CS! Real  Jade
Hair –  Truth-Maisy – reds – New
Fade & Nailpolish –  Chary – Fades

Dress – Tee*fy Julianna Fluffy Dress
Pants – {PopTart} Leggings W/Heels (Crosses) New @ Suicide Dollz

Hat – Nana Animal Miau Black New @ Suicide Dollz
Headpiece – Leonard! Headwear – Little Bird [silver]
Piercings – Cute Poison – Animus V1 – New
Collar 1 – {XA} Nubia Steel Colar US – New
Necklace – LEONARD! Necklace – Little Bird [silver]
Bracelets – ** POMPOSITY ** Handcuff Bracelets New @ Suicide Dollz
Garter – POMPOSITY – Linked Handcuff Thigh Band / Garter New @ Suicide Dollz

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