No° 179 – Relax at home

Ohai dollies ^^
today i’m in mood to share my new bedroom with you ^^
Some weeks ago i decided to set up a new home for mel and me, cause the last one was way to big and everything seems to get lost in the big rooms.
I saw an interior post on Harlows blog, just a peek of an skybox but it was some kind of … I need to have this skybox!!
When i decided to set up a new home for us i visited many shops to find a house that has a similar look but i can’t find anything and after visiting the skybox demo twice i decided to go up in the sky this time.
Llorisen// ciaran skybox is now our new home and i’m still decoration some of the rooms. xD The skybox isn’t that big, but it is absolutly lovely and has enoughs space so that mel and i both have some kind of 1 1/2 rooms for each of us and a little corridor with a lovely reading corner. So you should have a look at it cause it is a very nice home.
Now let me talk about my new bedroom i decided to rebuild it again when i got this new bed and ceiling lamp from HIDEKIs Gacha at this round of Chapter four.
I really like the look and the nice details on the beds foot.
I took out some of the items from Bazars Toronto Bedroom set (which is still one of my favorit bedroom set cause it comes with so many decoration details) to combine it.
I like this mix between industrial touch and natural wood.
Since i always post some cloth too, this new outfit from Lil’Lace seems to fit perfect in this relaxing place, i wear it together with a cardigan from DeeTaleZ and my new skin from Red Mint that she release for the Skin Fair but enoughs words from me for now have a look on your own. ^^
Happy shopping
Kisses Ask :*

Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat

Skin  – (r)M ~ (Skin) Powder, No.14 ~ (1)Ivy, frckls – New @ Skin Fair
Eyes – [ S H O C K ] Eyes On Me (green #2) Gacha – New @ Luck of the Irish
Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ Gloster Hair – Fall – New @ The Deck
Tattoo – SOURIRES TATTOOS. – SophiaTATTOO (w/ Tango Applier) soon @ Suicide Dollz
Nail polish – Nailed it – blooming spring set – New @ Saviad

Cardigan – DeeTaleZ Tops MESH cardigan sand
Gloves – -UtopiaH- My Sweet Plain Fingerless Gloves + Appliers
Top & Pant – Lil’Lace -Dear Madi,/Summer Set – New

Piercings – Cute Poison – Animus V1 – New

Skybox – llorisen // ciaran skybox
Bed & Ceiling Lamp – Hideki 1 RARE@ The Chapter 4
Night Tables, Bed lamps, Vases, Plants, Books& Glasses, Slipers,  Canvas – ~Bazar~ – Toronto Bedroom Set
Letters – O.M.E.N. – Dear Jhon – Letters from John @ The Arcade
Statue – Programming Error – Buddhist statue (resized & modded)
Chipmunk – *MishMish* Chipmunk – Holding Lantern (Gacha)
Incense – . a i s l i n g . [Ashanti] Twilight-Red (Incense)
Bunny – Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Bunny – Snow New @ The chapter 4
Bookshelf – LAQ Decor ~ Brown – Bookcase
Worldmap – PILOT – Traveler’s Map 3
Planks – [tea.s] Plank Infinity Sign
Carpet – Zaara [home] : Ikat dhurrie rug *kohl* (resized!) @ The Arcade

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