No° 176 Meet Jemma (Bookcover Meme)

Ohai Dollies ^^
after spending my weekend with my son at Sea Life ❤ i found out that the new Genre Round just started and it is themed to Merfolks. Wimey is part of this round and came up with this beautiful Bra and Cuff for it which come in silver an gold.
Also Skinfair is still running and there you can find this beautiful lady called Jemma from Clef de Peau.
Jemma is the first female skin from Clef de Peau and i have to say, he did well. ❤ I like those soft small lips and the nose has a great look with those tiny nostrils. You can purchase Jemma in 5 Tones, 6 Make Ups and a Bare version.
With every version you get different brow colors and some nice make up addons like the red lipstick i’m wearing in my Bookcover…
Yes a bookcover cause after taking my rawshots yesterday i struggled again over the Blog from Strawberry and find a new Monday Meme which is called the Book Cover Meme) and i just want to make it so i endet up in this.
If you want to make it too here are the instructions: Create a book cover to show your avatar in fiction. It does not have to be based on a real book, it can be one that you make up.
Thats it since i’ve decided to make a post that look a bit like the little mermaid i thought about a title for that book first i just want to call it like the original, but then i got to hear about trouble of a good friend and her boy so i came to this title. I know it is a bit provocativ but i like. 😉
Not more to say than
Thanks for stopping by, happy shopping
Kisses Ask :*

Here we go with Jemma in all tones and make ups 😉
Cover Outfit:

Ears – +pe+ Sirens Ears Half Hearted
Teeth – DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Lower Body – *M.C.* Moonlit Sea Tail – Cool Tones
Skin – Clef de Peau : Jemma:Bare Pearl CL1 – New @ Skin Fair
Eyes – !CS! Real Eyes Jade – New
Lipstick – Clef de Peau : Jemma:Red Lipstick – New @ Skin Fair
Hair – Alice Project – Willow – Infinity
Scales Tattoo – :ET: Mer Scales – White
Nailpolish – [ S H O C K ] Slink All About Lace Nails V2
Piercing – Cute Poison – Animus Piercings V3
Bra – .:Wimey:. Cover Your Boobs Pls – New @ Genre
Cuff – .:Wimey:. Arlen’s Mark Cuff – New @ Genre

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