No° 165 – I could take you to the moon

i-could-make-you-fly Ohai dollies ^^
like i’ve told before, i like using full outfits.
Modding them or combining them with others so that it would give an another point of view on the outfit so that it could be used for more than one aspect.

Today i will show you a Captain outfit from Provocation that will be out for the upcoming Whore Couture 3 soon.
I combined it with my lovely Utilizator head, mecha arms from Neurolab and Persocom Ears from H.E.a.D. to create a kind of Android Spacecaptain style. ^^
I only wear the forarmes and hands from neurolab covering the gab with Elbowsocks from hate this.
I hope you like it ^^
Happy Shopping
Kisses Ask :*

Head – <UTILIZATOR> – M3 Mesh Anime Head 1.9.0
Ears – [H.E.a.D.] – Persocom ear 1.0
Arms – [Neurolab Inc.] EV3 Cybernetic Arms+Hands V.1.5 (BOXED)

Skin – .tsg. Ulzzang – V.I.P Skin Gift January 2014
Hair – Magika [03] Such New

Dress, Tie & Hat – [Provocation] Captain costume soon @ WCF3
Elbowwarmer – [hate this] PACK elbow socks – black
Boots – BAX Regency Boots White Leather

A tiny snappy for you i’ve made last night, haning around with a friend ^^


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