No° 29 – Facts about mesh technologies and some news ;)

Hello my dears, so here we go, like i’ve promised i will tell you a bit more about liquid mesh, molten mesh and collision bone deforming.
MeshesFirst of all i have to say sorry that i’ve named bax coens boots liquid mesh this ist the name only RedGrave is allowed to use so for Bax Coen it is collision bone deforming, and Egoisme came up with molten mesh.In order to this, i will give you all official facts about these 3 here, and a little plus, because i had the luck, that Ramses Meredith (CEO of Egosime) was so kind and told me a bit about molten mesh and why all the three creators have their own way of building mesh that fits with your bodyfat an muscles .
In Order to this, i will post a picture of every item and name what there is said about it from their creators credits will be given at the bottom so if your not interessted in mesh just in my style infos just scroll down 😉
I start with RedGraves Liquid mesh
liquidHere the facts that Radgrave gave about liquid mesh:
What does LIQUID MESH mean?

At the moment, mesh products mostly come in different sizes. To make them fit perfectly, you may need to try the sizes first and then change your body shape to some degree. But many people don´t want to change their shape for every single piece of clothing they wear. It’s not only inconvenient but even more, it changes your unique appearance.
Therefore, our development team at REDGRAVE added a great new technique called LIQUID MESH to our products in order to work around that problem. From now on, you only get one size and the associated alpha layers.

How does LIQUID MESH work?

Really simple! Liquid Mesh adjusts automatically to your body shape. That means no changes to your shape needed!
But we went even further. The mesh also follows certain body shape sliders. That means you can even resize our product with your shape which is not possible with any other mesh up to this point. You can try that by right-clicking your avatar, select „Edit my shape“, choose the tab „Legs“ and then for e.g. change the slider „Leg muscles“.

— > Advice for REDGRAVE mesh pants:
If your shoe sticks through our mesh pants you just go to „Edit my shape“ then choose „Legs“ –> „Foot size“. Moving this slider will make the pants cuffs wider or smaller.

Next one is Egoisme Molten Mesh
Molten Mesh
Take Control with Molten Mesh Technology: A Revolution in Mesh Fashion by Egoisme

Molten Mesh is a rigged mesh range of clothing that clings to your body and moves fluidly for a natural and realistic look.

You can now take control of how mesh fits you thanks to the adaptive nature of Molten Mesh as Egoisme CEO, Ramses Meredith explains:
“Molten Mesh is adaptive unlike other systems. It lets you fit clothes around standard and non-standard proportions and body shapes just like our bodies are in real life. This clothing also fits standard SL mesh sizes perfectly and it doesn’t matter if you are tall or short. The Molten Mesh system fits your body like a glove and follows the changes in your shape. It also lets you have another degree of customisation and the additional alpha layer ensures you look flawless.”

Egoisme plans on creating new lines of Molten Mesh clothing every month!

And last, but not least, even because they are the first selffitting boots on the grid!baxcoenWhat Bax Coen said about their boots:
– 100% rigged original Mesh with extra attention put towards having a most realistic bending action at the joints
– Designed for SL Materials with lifelike shine and surface details but also for non-Materials setting in the viewer
– Self-fitting with Collision Bone Deformer – adapts to muscle and body fat changes also
– One size fits all standard sizes and more, additional PLUS and BBW sizes also provided
The current version of BAX Regency Boots utilizes Collision Bone Deforming [ a.k.a Liquid Mesh™ (by Redgrave)] as a convenience to our customers. It is allowing the boots to conform better to the avatar shape and be modified with more avatar shape sliders, including muscle and fat settings. We won’t need more than 3 different sizes to cover most shapes and customers most likely won’t have to change their shape for the Boots to fit.

So that were all the facts on the Grid about liquid mesh, molten mesh and collision bone deforming.
In addition to that here now what Ramses Meredith told me about the reasons why there are more than just one way to build up selffitting meshes. 🙂

Ramses Meredith: so about molten mesh i can tell about it no idea about liquid mesh totally different from collision bone deformer.
We keep giving also a paramettrid deformer size in and i explain why!
Second life dont‘ have officially decided which rigging system to use so we are all driving on seek, which mean for now we will have every possible combination until they decide.
As u know, the rigg system is part automatic part manually, the manually part it is about to paint like u do in rl, the zones around the body
So we use manual paint to define the cloth around the avatar structutre which allow to have a better shaping and dress better following the sl params about the body with a sole excemption for women and men.
Actually the parametric system of the sl shape don’t allow the breast resize in any way.
prιɴzeѕѕιɴ v. d. pαppĸαrтoɴвυrɢ (askorianarr): i noticed that i’ve tried all sliders when i bought your dress.
Ramses Meredith: this because as u know male shape come from female shape with a special morphing they have made so it is impossible at this time to move these things
SL is working hard to make possible to have different system for men and women about the breastchest zone.
Our clothes are ready since now for every situation will happen in future
prιɴzeѕѕιɴ v. d. pαppĸαrтoɴвυrɢ (askorianarr): sounds very good ^^
prιɴzeѕѕιɴ v. d. pαppĸαrтoɴвυrɢ (askorianarr): So just one more question you will keep on going and release more molten mesh? I’ve noticed that redgave only came up with a hand full of items and still produce „normal“ mesh.
Ramses Meredith: oh we are working hard to have more clothes, for now we are working on the timelines and it is august so we are slow, then we will release weekly for men and women.
prιɴzeѕѕιɴ v. d. pαppĸαrтoɴвυrɢ (askorianarr): sounds great ^^ then i have to stop by every week *laughs*

Thanks Ramses i only could say it is great that even such creators like you take their time for a nice chat with ther customers ❤

Here now the Credits 😉

Shape – My Own ^,^
Skin – DeeTaleZ Skin – DELICIOUS Skin Shanice No.1 freckles VANILLA – NEW
Hair – eXxEsS Mesh Hair – NAWIA Warm Colours Pack
Eyes – {D.A} – Nebula Nature
Lashes – MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – BLACK
Eyeliner – -Glam Affair- – Couture Eyeliner no no.03

Horns – -UtopiaH- – Fantasy Horns Pastel Set [SHAPE 3] – NEW
Ears – *~*Illusions*~* – Seelie Ears
Teeth – ILLMATIC – The Perfect Teeth – Gold

Chocker – Blah. ( My Dogma Choker ) Black & Pink
Nails – [ S H O C K ] – Desire Nails – Almond Series [Wear]
Piercings – .Pekka. – Cram Unisex Piercing GOLD

Liquid Mesh
Top – Kyoot – Soft Heart Cropped Top (White)
Pants – REDGRAVE – Jeans LQM metallic Tintable <-Liquid Mesh
Shoes – REDGRAVE – Shoes Helena – 12 colors

Molten Mesh
Dress – Egoisme – Progressive Minidress – Baroque <-Molten Mesh
Boots – Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black

Collision Bone Deformer
Top – Kyoot – Soft Heart Cropped Top (White)
Pants – DeeTaleZ – Pants MESH Mini Shorts dark grey – NEW
Shoes – BAX Regency Boots White Leather <- Collision Bone Defforming

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