No 326 ~ SYS ~ Lazy Sunday and Legal Insanity

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ɴo° 8 – ι jυѕт wαɴɴα мαĸe yoυ ….ɴαĸed ;p

oɴe yeαr wιтн yoυ мy deαr αɴd ι eveɴ cαɴ’т ɢeт eɴoυɢн, ι’м ѕo lυcĸy тнαт ғorтυɴe ѕeɴd yoυ тo мy ѕιde α yeαr αɢo. <З
ɴever wαɴɴe мιѕѕ α dαy wιтн yoυ ιɴ ѕl αɴd rl.
yoυ αre αɴ ιмporтαɴт pαrт oғ мy lιғe thousands of ĸιѕѕeѕ ғor υ мy deαr.

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